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GoFAST Concept

Features - ECM - EDM Management

The GoFast inludes a powerful content management thanks to a real ECM technology

  • Versions management
  • Multi-filing = Multiple locations for a same file
  • Edition Conflict Management (lock)
  • Online Edition of Office & LibreOffice files
  • Online Edition of other formats ie PDF (beta)
  • PDF preview for Office documents
  • email preview and its attachments
  • Complex format preview for  (Visio) and other (images, etc ...)
  • Simple and complex workflows
  • Audit Trail
  • Easy creation of Web page / Wiki (rich editor ...)
  • Archiving
Features - Search & Ranking

The GoFast includes a powerful search engine (word, email, ...) and filtering :

  • Full-text search : office format indexing, emails, ...
  • Use of scoring technology
  • Sort by date, relevance, popularity, etc ...
  • Filter by date range, keywords, formats, status, autor, etc ...
  • Wiki Sorting (Books)
  • Sorting by key-words with autosuggestion
  • File Sorting (by location, in a tree structure)
  • Sorting by personal/group favorites


Features - Collaboration & Communication

The GoFast offers all types of 2.0 communication means, allowing to stop sending email for everything and nothing

  • Comments on content / files
  • Instant Messaging
  • Internal messaging
  • Status (Twitter type)
  • Forum Discussion
  • Forms
  • Powerful reporting mechanism with configurable frequency summary
  • Notification of new contents/comments, deadline warning, notification of submission...
Features - Social Network

The GoFast includes a powerful search engine (word, email, ...) and multiple ways of sorting:

  • Detailed profiles:
    • Skills and Expertise
    • Interests / Relations
    • Composition of Teams (for managers)
  • Ludic ranking based on contribution points (do not assess the quality of work of users)
  • Internal to the GoFAST directories, respecting access right to various space
Features - Intranet / Extranet, Work Groups & Rights

The GoFast allows you to thinly define the visibility of your contents even those of your suppliers/customers (extranet)

  • Creation of Groups (projects, products ...)
  • Creating Organizations and Sub-Organizations (services, etc...
  • Extranet (contents shared with customers, suppliers, etc…
  • Private space (for users’ private contents
  • Roles (manager, ...)
Features - Smooth transition

The GoFast platform allows a smoth transition path by interfacing the GoFAST with existing tools

  • Editing in Office (from Office 2007 up to now) and LibreOffice
  • Powerful Web File Browser (includes drag & drop functionnalities)
  • File access from your Mail box
  • Dropbox like (access your file on the GoFAST even without a network)
  • Tablet access
Features - Open & Expandable ECM

GoFast is made on the basis of the best open source technologies like Drupal and Alfresco:

Integrations with other technologies may allow more extensive use.

  • Offline synchronization with PC / Mac
  • Dematerialization (integrated with copiers / scanners like the Canon)
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Corporate Directory
  • Digital signature
  • Electronic Archiving System (Extension to the certifications as DoD, etc...)
  • Finally, the GoFast does not need a dedicated administrator as often (eg. Sharepoint)

And to conclude, no dedicated full-time administrator needed, as often (eg: SharePoint).