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CEO-Vision referenced by ATOS-BULL

CEO-Vision - Thursday June 30, 2016

ATOS-BULL and CEO-VISION SAS are now partners in the context of specific markets. Indeed, one of the largest IT industry players has seen fit to reference the GoFAST Collaborative DMS-ECM in its suppliers catalog.

This referencing, made in June 2016, was completed in about ten days. The group can thus offer the GoFAST Collaborative ECM platform as relevant and effective solution to their customers in the field of DMS-ECM projects.

Besides the improvement of visibility, this referencing shows the quality and reliability of our GoFAST platform. Likewise for CEO Vision SAS, which proves its credibility as an editor of a DMS-ECM solution.

Having particularly appreciated the DMS-ECM platform, one of our customers-users is the origin of this referencing by ATOS-BULL. Users are well and truly the best ambassadors for the GoFAST DMS-ECM platform.



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