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GoFAST v 3.0 for late 2016

CEO-Vision - Tuesday Apr. 21 2016

GoFAST 3.0 is a major release of the Collaborative ECM and that is saying something ! With this new release scheduled for September, CEO-Vision meets concretely the needs of businesses and organizations. Improvements and new features have been directly inspired by our users.

Among the improved and added features to the Collaborative ECM, the most important are : 


Online simultaneous edition of Office documents (you benefit from a collaborative office suite with simultaneous editing for a fraction of the price of Office 365 or Google Apps).

Access to GoFAST web interface on Tablets and Smartphones now available to optimize the work in mobility.


The integration of web conferencing/video, in addition to the new instant messaging, further enhance the collaboration, covering new ways of working.
Open Source technologies at the base of GoFAST have been updated: new theme for improved ergonomics and a better user experience.



Update of technological basis for the Collaborative ECM: 


GoFAST v3.0 on Alfresco 5
GoFAST v3.0 on Drupal 7


Other up-to-grades: