Comparison of GoFAST with MS-SharePoint

CEO-Vision noted that a digital workplace tool must essentially be "Document Centric"; this means that collaborative and share functions must be designed around a DMS core but not in parallel.

This observation is the basis of the GoFAST concept!

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This comparison focuses mainly on the differences in terms of collaborative and universal document management.

GoFAST does not include email / calendar capabilities, these elements cannot be compared. However, to solve these additional issues, we are working with our partner BlueMind, an alternative Open Source collaborative messaging solution to Exchange / Outlook.

Content Access rights related to collaborative spaces and not to the author  
Unlimited subsites ("Sites") with automatic inheritance of rights x
Standardized typology for Collaborative Spaces (for example: to separate "Group" spaces dedicated to cross-functional projects, "Organizations" spaces dedicated to Departments / Services) x
Sharing of a document between several spaces x
Advanced Web file explorer x
Publication (creates a PDF version of a given version of the working doc) x
Advanced search engine x
Non-intrusive comments and annotations to the document with notification x
Link sharing with audit trail and read notification   x
Activity summary by email with configurable frequency x
Management of advanced templates (contextual to spaces,…) x
Management of multilingual documents x
Management of Documents deadlines x
Category Management ("Invoice", "Mail", "Contract", etc.) x
Tagging (additional to full-text indexing) x
Links between documents (and other content: external web pages, etc.) x
Online editing of non-Office documents (e.g.: editing a PDF online with your pc application and saving it directly to GoFAST) x
Online editing with MS-Office alternarive PC applications (LibreOffice, WPS, soon OnlyOffice...) x
Simultaneous editing in a multiple browser in docx / xlsx / pptx format
Simultaneous editing in a browser with review mode x
PaDES / XaDES e-signature (with its PDF application and the "edit online" function) or server side (optional) x
Management of Kanban type task ADD-IN
Simple and advanced workflows (ability to model the process and the forms related to the tasks) x
Retention Period Management (pre-archiving) x
Contents destruction following accounts termination ? x
Simple and transferable administration to "business" managers, facilitating GDPR compliance x

Real interoperable Workflow, BPMN standard x
WebDAV standard interoperability
Interoperable Standard CMIS 1.1 (allows standardized access to DMS by other components, e.g.: ERP, etc.) x

OnPremise or Colocation (”Cloud Act free”) x
Optional Sovereign SaaS* (”Cloud Act free”) x
European Company x
Open Source x
Reversibility ?
Availability ? > 99.9%


*Datacenter in France/Europe owned/operated by a French/European company without American activity (Cloud Act); The "Cloud Act" is a law which was passed in 2018 by the U.S Congress which authorizes the U.S Dept. of Justice to intercept and / or request data from US companies overseas datacenters (i.e in Europe) in the case of serious crime.

**Creation of channels in a Team.