Comparison of GoFAST with MS-TEAMS

CEO-Vision noted that a collaborative digital workplace tool must essentially be "Document Centric" and not "Conversation Centric", like an ESN or a Group Chat tool (MS-Teams, Slack ...).

This observation is the basis of the GoFAST Digital Workplace concept !

This comparison is partial, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions: contact form

This comparison focuses mainly on the differences in terms of international content management and associated communication. 

GoFAST does not include email / calendar capabilities (Outlook type), these elements cannot be compared. However, to solve these additional issues, we are working with our partner BlueMind, an alternative Open Source collaborative messaging solution to Exchange and compatible with Outlook application..

Functions MS-Teams GoFAST
Outlook Calendar view x
Management of Kanban type task 
Group Conversation (significant development in v3.8 April 2020)
Chat room automatically created for each Workspace (Department, Projects, Partners ...) x**
Read-only role x
Organization of Spaces by Zone (Orga / Groups / Extranet ...) x
Autoversioning ?
Multi-location with one or more other Spaces x
Windows like Web file explorer x
Publication x
Advanced search engine  
Summary notification by email x
Sending an email that can be integrated into a Team / Channel Possible
Guest / Extranet must have an Office 365 Enterprise account x
Sending a temporary download link with audit trail and Notice read x
Electronic signature x
Management of multilingual documents  x
Deadline Management, links between documents x

In order to really combine collaborative work and not create one more “separate structure”, it is necessary to focus and secure the exchange of working documents. This ensures that collaborators have both the correct versions of the documents and access the comments and associated responses left by their colleagues. 

To achieve increased productivity, GoFAST was designed with the objective of allowing users to work in an international and collaborative way with zero duplicates, zero attachments, zero version errors, a significant reduction in the number of emails, simplicity of access management, etc.

With the new version 3.7 (October 2019), GoFAST brings the management of Kanban tasks (Trello type) and an important evolution of the Chat which now has "chat rooms". These two features are of course linked to Collaborative Spaces (Directions, Services, Project Teams, Mail / Invoice Spaces, Remote Sites, Partners, etc.) which centralize documents, shared only through the "multi-location" functionality and secure URL links.  These two important developments are in addition to the other collaborative features; summarized in this comparison and described on the  GoFAST Features page (the Release Note will soon be available on the News page and our Documentation).

Real interoperable Workflow, BPMN standard x
WebDAV standard interoperability x
Interoperable Standard CMIS 1.1 (allows standardized access to DMS by other components, e.g.: ERP, etc.) x

OnPremise or Colocation (”Cloud Act free”) x
Optional Sovereign SaaS* (”Cloud Act free”) x
European Company x
Open Source x
Reversibility ?
Availability ? > 99.9%


*Datacenter in France/Europe owned/operated by a French/European company without American activity (Cloud Act); The "Cloud Act" is a law which was passed in 2018 by the U.S Congress which authorizes the U.S Dept. of Justice to intercept and / or request data from US companies overseas datacenters (i.e in Europe) in the case of serious crime

**Creation of channels in a Team