What is GoFAST Digital Workplace DMS used for?

At the origin of GoFAST Digital Workplace, a simple observation:

File Servers + Office Suite + E-mails & Attachments + Business Applications + etc.
= Working environment in "silos" - source of errors and wasted time!

How to simplify the process and track it from A to Z?
  1. Centralization : An efficient collaborative and DMS platform, integrated into the IS
  2. Collaboration : Around millions of documents and information exchange
  3. Optimization : Collaborative tasks and business processes up to e-signature

Why do we all need GoFAST?

File Servers + Messaging :
Major Requirements…
  GoFAST : Environment
of unified collaborative work….
Content lost / scattered between File Server, Mailboxes, PCs, Tablets ...   Single access to ALL Working Documents via a secure connection
20% to 30% of time wasted searching for information / documents   Find everything in 10 seconds and a few Keywords
Hundreds of emails per day: too much information or not enough ...   Activity summary: report about new documents, modifications and comments
Dozens of attachments per day and zero time to read them ...   ZERO Attachments: secure and verified access links, always to the latest version of the document
File duplicates and version errors: high risk of posting a wrong version   ZERO Duplicates, ZERO Version errors: the same file shared between Directions, project teams, partners ...
Duplicate and / or overwritten work by mistake, when editing documents   ZERO Lost or overwritten Content: Co-edit Office files simultaneously or alone with a lock
Difficult to respect business processes and validation steps despite goodwill...   Steps, Conditions, Validations, Signatures ... process is 100% respected and deadlines are met

GoFAST Digital Workplace and Collaborative ECM-DMS : the value proposition in a few words...


No more "application collection": your unified and efficient working environment.

Your data on your dedicated platform: sovereign SaaS or Onpremise ("Cloud Act free")

Meets business requirements to process all your documents from template to e-signature.

Offer is 2 to 8 times cheaper than the offer of Office365-Sharepoint-Teams or Google Workspace.

The best of Open Source technologies ...





Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
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