DMS or SharePoint replacement

Data recovery projects from a DMS or SharePoint are often complex.

Relying on CEO-Vision's expertise ensures the success
of your GoFAST Digital Workplace GED migration project.

Adapting tools to new uses

Business needs have changed dramatically in recent years, especially with the Covid crisis. DMSs aren't collaborative enough, and solutions like SharePoint aren't DMS enough...

Added to this are regulatory constraints linked to data sovereignty and security. As a result, more and more organizations are launching projects to migrate to innovative solutions that address all these issues.

Go from an obsolete DMS to a collaborative DMS!

Managing documents on the one hand and promoting collaborative working on the other is nonsense!

With GoFAST Digital Workplace DMS, you move from a storage DMS to a complete work environment, capable of processing documents from template to e-signature, in the office, on the move or at home. The aim is to save valuable user time, with zero duplication, zero version errors, zero loss of information and zero missed deadlines.

Should I get out of my SharePoint MS?

The main reasons to migrate to GoFAST Digital Workplace DMS are :

  • Implement a coherent, unified working environment, rather than siloed tool

  • Reduce costs and avoid the sometimes abrupt changes in pricing policies

  • Comply with the "Cloud au Centre" circular to guarantee data sovereignty

  • Switch to Open Source technology that is sustainable, standardized, interoperable and auditable

How do you choose your collaborative DMS?
  • Always start with business issues and help management to correctly express their needs

  • Never simply list functionalities, but formalize use cases and target processes

  • Ensure that the Collaborative DMS meets the specifications, by prioritizing and accepting compromises

  • Check that it can be integrated into your information system, and that it complies with all relevant constraints (GDPR, not subject to Cloud-Act...).

  • Opt for a commercial offer that covers the necessary maintenance, security, evolution and support services...

Key steps to successful data migration :
  • Audit the DMS/SharePoint system to determine the document base to be transferred (volumes, metadata, access rights, etc.).

  • Communicate the project to the business

  • Involve business units in defining pre-migration sorting criteria and constraints

  • Accept compromises to avoid an impossible project

  • Validate methodology, carry out migration tests and estimate total time required

  • Train reference users and distribute user documentation

  • Carry out the migration and make the old document repository read-only

  • Analyze KPIs and diagnose change management

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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

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