How to get started on your dedicated GoFAST Digital Workplace?

Depending on your project and your budget, two approaches ...

"Basic Start-Up": A turnkey pack for a quick start

Main goals with "Basic Start-Up":
Put an end to the obsolete file server mess
Start collaborative work in record time
Forget attachments, duplicates and reduce emails
Stop accumulating applications and information silos
Starter package:
Setting up and testing your GoFAST, ½ day of support for a presentation, advice on good practices and webconference training.
For any subscription to GoFAST Enterprise

Only € 2,990

"Premium Start-Up": Study and Change Management

Main goals with "Premium Start-Up" : 
Migration from the file server, SharePoint, other ECM-DMS
Support the optimal implementation of Collaborative Spaces
Optimize business workflows from model to e-signature
Find solutions relevant to specific business needs
Tailor-made project management:
Implementation and testing of your GoFAST, study of business needs, project management, training, change management, workflow modeling, couplings... 
Available anytime during your GoFAST deployment

Ask for a quote

CEO-Vision supports you in your change management ...

Digital Transformation Expertise

Strong involvement and an agile approach, our team supports you in the change to ensure user acceptance and a successful deployment of your GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace.

Technological expertise and security

Put technology at the service of the businesses and reconcile 3 requirements: user need, strategy of the IT department and vision of the CEO.


For your dedicated GoFAST

Installation of your dedicated platform in 1 day and quick learning of the essential features to start collaborative work!


Involved in your projects

The "GoFAST-Change" teams are fully involved in client projects and have strong experience in supporting change.


The user is our priority

Listening to users and extremely knowledgeable, the GoFAST support team is renowned for its high responsiveness and quality.

GoFAST Digital Workplace Enterprise Edition

For SMEs, ETIs, key accounts and government bodies wishing to host their dedicated GoFAST platform in sovereign SaaS · Customized pricing · 100% budget control

For SMEs, ETIs, key accounts and government bodies wishing to host their dedicated GoFAST platform in their IS, with all the services of a SaaS.

For start-ups and VSEs who want to benefit from the GoFAST platform in a sovereign SaaS cloud · turnkey · quick start-up · zero set-up costs

Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
Do not hesitate to contact us!