Replacing the files server

The obsolete file server has outlived its usefulness and never enabled effective collaborative working...

It's time to move on to a Digital Workplace based on a true DMS!

The file server mess...
  • Duplicate files
  • Version conflicts
  • Time wasted searching
  • Complex access management
  • Data loss and security risks
  • No archive management
  • Impossible collaborative working
Why replace the file server with GoFAST Digital Workplace DMS?
  • Zero duplicates, zero attachments, zero version errors
  • Real-time office collaboration and co-editing
  • No more "information silos" to avoid burn-out
  • Mobility and telecommuting made easier and more efficient
  • Access security (RGPD) and protection against ransomware
Key points to consider before making your choice
  • IS compatibility and integration
  • Resources required for change management
  • Intuitive interface for optimal user experience
  • Data migration capability
  • Security: access rights management, security audits and RGPD compliance.
  • Durability and reliability of technologies
  • License type (Open Source) and pricing model
Steps to switch from file server to GoFAST...

Two possible approaches:

1st approach: Communication, creation of collaborative spaces, migration and support by department. Analysis of KPIs to manage change.

2nd approach: Audit, communication, definition of objectives, training and migration by management. KPI analysis to manage change. Use of CEO-Vision and sharing of successes.

In both approaches, it's a good idea to call on CEO-Vision for advice and feedback. It's also important to share successes to motivate others!

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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
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