GoFAST Enterprise in dedicated SaaS

A SaaS offer ... Yes, but for your dedicated platform and not subject to the Cloud Act!

With all technology watch services, security, supervision, all updates and user support.

Maintenance and updates

No additional cost with the GoFAST Enterprise offer: the annual subscription includes all updates, from the security patch to major versions, even in the event of a complex evolution of components such as Alfresco, or the next v4.0 (planned in Q2 2021).

Application monitoring

Both OnPremise and dedicated SaaS, CEO-Vision ensures the proper functioning of each client platform! Advanced probes allow high level supervision (via the Zbbix tool) and proactive interventions.

Technology & Security Watch

Technology and security watch is included in GoFAST Enterprise Offers, with strong responsiveness from our teams so that your platform is always secured.
For "0 days" vulnerabilities your dedicated platform can be patched in a few hours.

High-quality user support

CEO-Vision is renowned for the responsiveness and quality of its support, as our references can attest to. All requests are tracked in a ticket management tool. Forums and user workshops are the basis of our thinking for technological improvements and functional evolutions.

Outsourced hosting

CEO-Vision works with several trusted hosting partners, including 3DS Outscale (Dassault Systèmes), which benefits from the SecNumCloud standard from ANSSI (French National Information Systems Security Agency). You can also host your GoFAST in the data center of your choice. Contact us for more information..

Fixed package

3 levels available: to be determined depending on the size of your Organization

Subscription for your dedicated GoFAST, available with a yearly or monthly commitment.

€ 2 /user/month

Add € 2 per month and per user account according to your deployment plan.

One "Internal" user = 3 "Extranets" users
Free access to webconference meetings.

Calculate your GoFAST Enterprise Dedicated SaaS subscription

Determine your level according to the size of your Organization, then add € 2 /month/user

Organization up to
299 employees*
Organization of
300 to 2 499 employees*
Organization of more than
2 500 employees*
€ 7 990 /year
(If monthly subscription : € 799 /month)
€ 9 990 /year
(If monthly subscription : € 1 399 /month)
€ 14 990 /year
(If monthly subscription : € 2 449 /month)
add € 2 /month/user add € 2 /month/user add € 2 /month/user
Example calculation
for 150 users:
Example calculation
for 1 500 users:
Example calculation
for 3 000 users:

= € 6,40 /month/user
for a total of € 11 590 /year

Calculation: 7 990+(2x150x12)

= € 2,60 /month/user
for a total of € 45 990 /year 

Calculation: 9 990+(2x1500x12)

= € 2,40 /month/user
for a total of € 86 990 /year

Calculation: 14 990+(2x3000x12)

Services included in the subscription: Technology watch, security (including hotfix), application monitoring, maintenance with all updates including major, user support. Excluding hosting (as it depends on your choice of host).

* the size of the Organization corresponds to the number of employees or agents with access to a a professional computer. All prices displayed are exclusive of tax.

How to get started on your dedicated GoFAST Enterprise in sovereign SaaS or OnPremise.

GoFAST Digital Workplace Enterprise Edition

For SMEs, ETIs, key accounts and government bodies wishing to host their dedicated GoFAST platform in sovereign SaaS · Customized pricing · 100% budget control

For SMEs, ETIs, key accounts and government bodies wishing to host their dedicated GoFAST platform in their IS, with all the services of a SaaS.

For start-ups and VSEs who want to benefit from the GoFAST platform in a sovereign SaaS cloud · turnkey · quick start-up · zero set-up costs

Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
Do not hesitate to contact us!