Security/ Anti-Ransomware

Data security is a major concern! The threat can come from outside, as well as from within, and it's vital to consider all of its aspects.

Facing the risk of Ransomware

File servers and e-mail are the tools most often targeted by cyberattacks. Without even mentioning the productivity gains, it has become essential to migrate to collaborative, cross-functional DMSs that secure your data against ransomware, such as GoFAST.

  • Full-Web solution: a shield between the document warehouse and the PC
  • In the event of an attack, only documents accessible by the user are at risk
  • Automatic version creation for each document modification, with the possibility of retrieving previous versions
Avoiding storing documents in your mailbox

GoFAST allows documents to be shared by e-mail, without any attachments, via secure access (if user) or download links. These URLs are time-limited and audited, with recovery of the IPs that downloaded the documents. The objective is twofold: no documents stored in the mailbox and zero version errors (a risk when working with attachments).

Messaging systems are often targeted by cyber-attacks, so it's irresponsible to continue sending attachments and run the risk of sensitive or personal data ending up in the wild.

Delegating rights management to business line managers
  • Relieving the IT department of tasks with no real added value, enabling them to focus on optimizing and securing the IS.
  • Facilitate RGPD compliance: business users can manage memberships and access to documents, as well as set the importance of "Personal Data", etc.
  • Give autonomy to business managers, avoiding Shadow-IT-type bypasses.
  • Empower users and promote best practices
Technical administrators without access to content

Historically, tools have allowed super-administrators to have full access to the document repository. A real paradox from a security point of view, which can lead to abuses such as the Snowden affair (who was a SharePoint super-administrator).

On the GoFAST collaborative document management system, no user profile, not even the super-administrator, has access to all data by default.

Your data, your dedicated platform and publisher security services
  • GoFAST is offered as a dedicated platform, whether hosted OnPremise or as a sovereign SaaS (no shared Cloud): you know where your data is located.
  • CEO-Vision performs regular, automated audits of the platform, as do customers, who can conduct their own audits at any time.
  • The GoFAST service offer includes application supervision and security monitoring, with rapid patching in the event of risk.
  • All updates are included in the subscription to avoid technological obsolescence.
National security sector references and "sensitive" data

GoFAST Digital Workplace Eelctronic Document Management is used by government departments and agencies in the field of national security, for the management of sensitive and classified documents. Other public and private sector customers have chosen GoFAST to secure their data in a "Dataroom" while enabling collaborative working.

Sovereign, compliant with the Circulaire "Cloud au Centre" and SecNumCloud

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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

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