Alternative to Office365

The GAFAM monopoly is over!

We now have a choice, and there are many reasons to choose an alternative: functional scope, ergonomics, sovereignty, regulations, interoperability, cost...

Unified Work Environment VS Application Collection

By collecting "single-use" applications, users no longer know where to look for information, or where to share their work!

GoFAST Digital Workplace ECM/DMS lets you manage documents, exchanges and associated processes, and keeps track of who you're working with, all in a clear, coherent context (e.g. cross-functional project, management...), with all your tools just a click away.

Submit the Document to the Collaborative Work Center

Productivity and quality gains through document collaboration :

  • "Collaborate around documents" essential for corporate information.
  • Objectives: cross-functional sharing, no duplication, no more email attachments, co-editing, comments linked to docs, simplified validation process, activity reports.
Data control and compliance with the "Cloud au Centre" circular
  • OnPremise hosting, dedicated sovereign SaaS or SecNumCloud
  • Sovereign solution from French publisher CEO-Vision, not subject to extraterritorial laws
  • Proven, future-proof Open Source technologies, with the necessary standards for integration into your IS
  • Audit and reversibility capabilities
Symbiosis of the best of Open-Source for an innovative alternative

GoFAST: a unique concept! Advanced integration of renowned Open Source solutions: Alfresco DMS, BonitaSoft workflow, OnlyOffice office suite, Apache Solr search engine, Element Matrix chat, Jitsi Meet videoconferencing and Drupal CMS. Offering multiple benefits to users.

GoFAST benefits :

  • Rich functionality and ergonomic interface.
  • Standardized platform, quick to deploy with no specific development costs.
  • Technological durability and responsiveness thanks to user and developer communities.
  • Comprehensive service offering: "OnPremise SaaS" or "Dedicated SaaS" with monitoring, security patching, application supervision, major updates and user support.
  • Competitive rates and the option of cancelling while keeping the platform.

Today, GoFAST is a sovereign alternative to the American giants (Office365-SharePoint-Teams), thanks to its Open Source community and technologies.

Data security against attacks and misuse
  • Application supervision, security watch and updates included, with responsive support.
  • Full-web" solution: partitioning of the document warehouse from the PC to prevent contamination.
  • Delegation of password management to the internal AD/LDAP directory, in line with your policy.
  • Implementation of SSO to avoid password-related risks.
  • Possibility of two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Encryption capability.
  • Restricted access by default to prevent information leaks.
  • Simple, delegable management of access rights to Collaborative Spaces.
  • Email document sharing via secure URLs to avoid attachments, with auditing and time-limited links.
Reduce costs and control your budget
  • A comprehensive service offering that takes the burden off your IT department and gives you a single, committed contact.
  • Subscription based on a fixed cost (dedicated platform) according to the size of your organization, plus a variable charge of €2/month/user.
  • Example of a subscription for an organization of 1,500 agents/employees on OnPremise hosting: annual total of €45,990 excl. tax (corresponds to €2.56/month/user).

Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

Discover the features of GoFAST

Key accounts, government bodies, SMEs... they're all GoFAST users!

Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
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