GoFAST Features

No more multiplying applications and information silos!
GoFAST Digital Workplace is a unified and standardized platform, rich in useful features.

DMS which replaces the file server

Manage all types of files with the GoFAST platform based on the Alfresco DMS: multi-location for zero duplicates, version management for zero errors, simple and efficient file explorer, etc.

Available through GoFAST Enterprise and Community.

Collaborative Office Suite and editing with MS-Office

Save time and gain efficiency with the simultaneous co-editing of documents via the Collaborative OnlyOffice Suite integrated with GoFAST. Do you need to edit with your usual Office? GoFAST allows editing from your PC, even through your Microsoft Office!

GoFAST Enterprise includes OnlyOffice Suite | Editing via their MS Office app available in GoFAST Community.

Kanban Processes and Tasks

Contributions, verifications, validations, signatures ... digitize and optimize your simple or advance business processes to guarantee the respect of stages and deadlines. Manage your shared task lists via collaborative "post-it" (kanban type "Trello").

GoFAST Enterprise includes Workflow engine | Kanban tasks are available in GoFAST Community.

Powerful search engine

Find your documents in record time and a few keywords, even with hundreds of thousands of content, always according to your access rights. Plain-text indexing and search based on scoring technology (relevance).

Available in GoFAST Enterprise and Community

Mobility with Chat and Webconferences

At the time when telecommuting has become the norm, GoFAST offers all the tools for discussions, calls, web conferencing on PC (full-web), Tablets and Smartphones (Application). Real sovereign alternative to MS Teams, WhatsApp ...

Chat and web conferencing are included in GoFAST Enterprise

Simple and delegable business administration

Separate system administration of document access management (GDPR): business managers can manage and delegate the management of their Collaborative Spaces with ease.

Available in GoFAST Enterprise and Community.


Full-web access, automatic versioning of GoFAST limits ransomware risk.
Monitoring and scanning according to CEO-Vision's security policy.


OnPremise Hosting or
Sovereign SaaS for a 
"made in Europe" and "Cloud Act free" solution.


Thanks to Open Source:
technological sustainability, community feedback, integration into IS, free license, source audit ...

No more multiplying applications and information silos! GoFAST Digital Workplace’s "user-focus" concept and approach provides a unified work environment that is quick to learn.

Many features of GoFAST are the result of the extensive integration of the most recognized open source technologies, proven and tested by CEO-Vision.


Open Source Leader
in DMS - ECM


Leader Open Source in CMS - User Interface Web


Open Source Leader in
Coediting - Office Suite


Open Source Leader in
BPMN Workflows


Open Source Leader
in Chat


Open Source Leader in Webconference

Apache Solr

Open Source Leader and
Search Engine


Open Source Leader
Server operating system

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