Publisher of the GoFAST Digital Workplace and Collaborative DMS solution

Background and origin

CEO-Vision's GoFAST was born in a garage in the Alps by a former CIO of a major corporation, based on the realization that the way of working, essentially based on an obsolete file server and collaboration via email and attachments, was unsustainable in the long term.



On the other hand, collaborative platforms didn't integrate what we consider to be one of the key elements of collaboration: content, and in particular documents. What was missing was a DMS for collaboration, while at the same time masking its complexities.

In order to create an ultra-secure platform that would rival and even surpass the American GAFAM offering, and meet directives promoting Opensource such as the French "Cloud au Centre" or their European equivalent, we selected and then integrated the best Opensource technologies on the market, with Alfresco at its heart, but replacing its user interface. It took 10,000 days of development, integration and testing.

Our concept first seduced Botanic in 2013 (over 2,000 employees), then the public sector recognized GoFAST's potential with the choice of our solution by the AIFE attached to the Ministry of Finance in 2016, and at European level by Enabel (Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) then EMCDDA (European Agency) and joined by numerous references since, see here.

Key dates

Values and Ambitions

The motto "Technology made Simple" illustrates CEO-Vision's philosophy: not technology for technology's sake, but technology at the service of users.

CEO-Vision's strength lies in understanding the needs of organizations and users, so as to provide the most relevant solutions in terms of functionality and interface.

An annual "User Club" and online forums at enable year-round exchanges between CEO-Vision and its users.

The publisher has a "pragmatic conviction" about the Open Source model, which is no longer just a "technology", but rather solutions at the service of businesses, with real added values: independence/sovereignty, open standards/reversibility, cost control, etc.

Of course, Opensource being at the heart of our values, we publish our sources on Github and a "Community" platform is available, and contribute to bringing up problems and remarks to the communities of the various technologies used.

CEO-Vision with GoFAST aims to be the European alternative to GAFAM and especially Microsoft for public and private organizations, in order to guarantee Europe's independence in the strategic software sector.

CEO-Vision Team

CEO-Vision's formidable team is made up of highly qualified and passionate professionals with great human values.

Their skills in cutting-edge technologies, particularly Open-Source technologies such as Alfresco, Drupal and Bonita, security, critical architectures, change management, and their "customer commitment" make CEO-Vision a company with a difference.

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