Offre GoFAST

"Basic Start-Up": A turnkey pack for a quick start

Main goals with "Basic Start-Up":
Put an end to the obsolete file server mess
Start collaborative work in record time
Forget attachments, duplicates and reduce emails
Stop accumulating applications and information silos
Starter package:
Setting up and testing your GoFAST, ½ day of support for a presentation, advice on good practices and webconference training.
For any subscription to GoFAST Enterprise

"Premium Start-Up": Study and Change Management

Main goals with "Premium Start-Up" : 
Migration from the file server, SharePoint, other ECM-DMS
Support the optimal implementation of Collaborative Spaces
Optimize business workflows from model to e-signature
Find solutions relevant to specific business needs
Tailor-made project management:
Implementation and testing of your GoFAST, study of business needs, project management, training, change management, workflow modeling, couplings... 
Available anytime during your GoFAST deployment


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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
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