Olga Dernovaya, Head of Projects and Change Management, testifies at the Open Source Experience 2021 exhibition in Paris, on the theme "What is Business Model for the 21st century Open Source?".

Conclusions of organizations and companies

Among the needs: responsiveness, trust, simplicity, transparency, guarantees, high quality services, support, sustainability, relevant evolution of solutions.

Higher and higher requirements: data control, sovereignty, security, technological standards, independence (cf. licenses)

Market orientation and focus on the customer approach

Why do so many people choose a GAFAM solution despite the high dependence and costs that these offers impose?

There is need for having an account manager and not just a community of developers, functional richness to meet business requirements while offering more than market-leading proprietary solutions, communication heard by non-IT decision-makers.

Open Source: How to go from a "technology" to a "service"?

Historical vision of Open Source: a technology, a community, an open code, "free" ... But there are always costs! Internal if you choose a "technology" and external if you choose a "service".

How to meet new needs and requirements with a minimum impact on the internal costs of Organizations and their IS?

How to provide sufficient guarantees (availability, security, etc.)?

How to compete with market leaders, including GAFAM, with an Open Source solution? Focus on: combining the advantages of Open Source with a customer-oriented Business-Model, offering an excellent quality / cost ratio, guiding without imposing (pragmatic and objective approach).

Example of a proven Business-Model (GoFAST Digital Workplace):

How to make "SaaS / OnPremise" with Open Source and what are the constraints?

The importance of having sufficient profitability from the Open Source Business-model.

How to interact with the community in order to correctly orient the evolutions?

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