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Deveryware is an expert in forensic technologies and digital services for global security. A leader in the real-time geolocation market since 2003 and creator of its own technique, Deveryware is able to manage homogeneously heterogeneous equipment fleets that are both multi-technological and multi-source while guaranteeing the uniformity of interfaces, hardware interoperability and quality of services meeting the most demanding expectations.

Since 2018, the group has chosen to diversify its business and acquire several companies in response to the changing requirements of the market:

  • Resiliency, the crisis management specialist,
  • Tracip, the expert in digital and forensic investigation,
  • OAK Branch, Big Data Intelligence Analyst,
  • Crisotech, the advice and training specialist in risk and crisis management.

In order to consolidate its offer in the global security sector, the Deveryware group is also established internationally (Senegal, Spain, Canada, Argentina, United Kingdom) and continues its desire to export its offer throughout the world.

Its capacity for innovation, its commitment and its code of ethics make Deveryware a trusted partner for government services and companies that choose to use its solutions.

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