GoFAST: New Technological Advancement with Preview of AutoCAD 2D and BIM IFC 3D Formats

At the beginning of 2024, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a test version of the preview feature in GoFAST for AutoCAD 2D and BIM IFC 3D formats.




Here is a rendering of a 2D AutoCAD DWG plan
Here you have the rendering of a second 2D AutoCAD DWG drawing
And here is the rendering of a 3D plan in IFC format
For the 3D part, numerous animation, measurement and element masking functions are included.

IFC will certainly be an option, but DWG will certainly be integrated into the standard.

If customers would like to test the functionality with their test files on our demo environment, please get in touch with your usual CEO-Vision contact.

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