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CEO-Vision integrates the Hub Open Source Systematic

The ecosystem that Systematic has managed to create is a great support for CEO-Vision in several areas in connection with our strategy: stimulation of partnerships in the EU, international development, support of certain innovations and their realization by the market, and in general, help us to become a key player in the sector.

We have noticed a real synergy of values !

We have a pragmatic conviction regarding the Open Source model, which is now no more than a "technology", but solutions of the business lines service, with real added values: greater independence with regard to software publishers and their pricing policies, better security thanks to the possibility of auditing the code, responsiveness of the various communities (Drupal, Alfresco, BonitaSoft, OnlyOffice, Element Matrix, etc.), standards and technological sustainability, control of development costs, etc.

We are also convinced that "useful" innovation requires collaboration, or even co-competition, because it is an effective way to compare strategies and better understand the sector challenges.

Thus, the Systematic brings us this interaction.

Hub open source systematic


Systematic, the European Deep Tech Centre, brings together and runs an ecosystem of 900 innovative players in Ile-de-France, including 600 startups, small and medium enterprises, 150 large groups and 150 academics.

Systematic is a catalyst for structuring innovations in six themes: Data Science & AI, Cyber & Security, Digital Infrastructure & IoT, Digital Engineering, Optics & Photonics and Open Source.

The technological breakthroughs induced by these Deep Techs respond to the challenges of the Digital Transformation of Territories, Industry & Services, and Society (Health & AgTech).

Systematic supports their members on all their development aspects (innovation, R&D, business, network, financing, etc.).

Systematic's action is supported by the State and the Île-de-France region.

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