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Lecko is an organization consultancy and provider of solutions for digital transformation. Digital technology is leading companies and their employees to rethink the way they collaborate, manage information, interact and learn. Our aim is to support the men and women who are driving change within companies, enabling them to adapt to these new challenges.

The company provides advice and methodologies to help organizations network and become more efficient. We help them frame their projects, make the right technological choices, understand cultural and organizational changes, and develop new, more collaborative work practices.

Stimulating new working practices on the scale of large organizations requires structuring the approach and developing the skills of all stakeholders. Lecko's mission is to provide know-how and equip companies with the methodological tools they need to act effectively and steer their transformation. It devotes 20% of its resources to researching market usages and technologies, and developing methodologies and software solutions to support these methodologies. Its flagship products include the Lecko Repository, Micro Social Learning and Lecko Analytic.


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