Republic Technologies International

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Republic Technologies wanted to create a collaborative DMS solution to :

  • have effective management of their large documentary database
  • strengthen the collaboration of their teams
  • secure their data and exchanges
  • control their business processes

In 2018, the Republic Technologies teams turned to CEO-Vision after selecting the GoFAST collaborative DMS platform as a solution to their business requirements.

The Group chose for a 2 month POC to test the potential of the platform :

In addition to the IT teams, the Laboratory service also participated in this 1st evaluation phase. The goal was to test the collaborative functionality of the solution, including the development, processing and global distribution of information and documents internally and with sites in the USA.

CEO-Vision supported the POC by organizing various workshops and trainings in coordination with project managers and in line with requirements.

After 2 months of evaluation, the Republic Technologies teams decided to deploy the GoFAST platform at Group headquarters and extend the use of the platform to all services on an ongoing basis.   

Attentive listening of needs, strong involvement in the project and the responsiveness of the CEO-Vision teams have ensured the success of the POC and validated the choice of GoFAST DMS platform.

Republic Technologies International

Republic Technologies International is the world leader in rolling papers for cigarettes, headquartered in France, in Perpignan.

The group designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of accessories for smokers "Roll Your Own" and "Make Your Own" in the various countries of the world.

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