Unedic Delegation AGS

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AGS Garantie des Salaires wanted to replace a DMS that was no longer giving satisfaction at all. The AGS asked a reputable consulting firm to select their new platform. After numerous tests around the relevance of the search engine and the user experience, the GoFAST platform was chosen.

In addition to installing and configuring the platform, CEO-Vision migrated from obsolete DMS to GoFAST with retention of all metadata..

Unedic Delegation AGS

L'Association pour la gestion du régime de Garantie des créances des Salariés (AGS) is an Unédic delegation (Unédic is "Union nationale interprofessionnelle pour l’emploi dans l’industrie et le commerce" in French / "National Professional Union for Employment in Industry and Trade" in English) and an employers' organization based on the inter-professional solidarity of employers and financed by their contributions.

It occurs in the event of reorganization, judicial liquidation of the company or, under certain conditions, in safeguard proceedings. It guarantees the payment, as soon as possible, of the sums due to employees (salaries, notice, severance payments, etc.) in accordance with the conditions set by the labor code.


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