Archamps Technopole - Monday 4 March, 2016

The AIFE selects the GoFAST collaborative DMS to manage 15,000 files that make up the documentation for the French government accounting software, Chorus.

They chose the CEO-Vision platform mainly because of:

  • the speed of installation (24h)
  • ease of use (45min for the main functions)
  • the OpenSource concept based on Alfresco
  • the quality of customer service and the active involvement of CEO-Vision in the project
  • the very attractive solution cost

GoFAST was installed and the documentary warehouse of the Chorus project was successfully migrated: a large file migration project, which mobilized part of the CEO-Vision team over a week to guarantee the validity of the recovery.

The CEO-Vision team adapted GoFAST to the very specific requirements of AIFE by developing features and modeling workflows. The objective is to optimize the circuits of editions, corrections, validation and publications of documents between internal and external teams.

GoFAST is already used by some of AIFE's collaborators and will be deployed to all stakeholders (AIFE and their service providers) from January 2017.

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