"We have moved from a siloed network infrastructure to a unique work environment"
Ms. Patricia Mugnier, Project Manager, Innovation Information Systems and Digital Uses.

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The problems of a "siloed" environment
  • Directories lacking in cross-functionality and structure
  • Duplicate files and version errors
  • Too many unsecured emails and attachments
  • Time wasted searching for information and documents
  • Lack of internal storage space
  • Risk of accidental deletion of files
Objectives of the "Unified Collaborative Work Environment" project
  • Unification: A unique collaborative platform for> 3,000 civil workers
  • Sharing: hundreds of thousands of documents and associated exchanges
  • Optimization: business and cross-fucntional processes, and storage space
Project milestones :
  • Testing of the GoFAST via a 6 month POC (October to March 2020) with> 110 users
  • Migration of file server (March to April 2020)> 200k files in batch 1
  • Integration of Business typologies (October 2020 to June 2021), in partnership with Territoire Conseils
  • Migration of SharePoint and workflows (from September 2021) with> 400k files, metadata, links (including SEDIT), business rights ...
Next steps with "GoFAST-Communities" :
  • Finality of the classification plans integration, business typologies and associated rights
  • Reaching of 500 user civil servants by the end of 2021
  • Digitalization of business and cross-functional processes
  • Gradual migration of the entire SharePoint database 
  • Better response to mobile uses (tablets / smartphones)
  • Promotion of communication tools with integrated chat and web conferencing

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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

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