The CEO-Vision team is pleased to participate in the DSI Consortium 2019, organized by the Club Decision DSI and reserved exclusively for the members.

June 13, 2019 | Paris

Innovative Solutions Village

Are you one of the members? Meet us at the Innovative Solutions Village for a "live" demonstration of the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform and to share your business issues and your objectives of Digital Transformation.

Sovereign, OnPremise and Open Source alternative to SharePoint / Office365 and Alfresco, GoFAST truly revolutionizes collaborative work: DMS platform (based on Alfresco), Collaborative Office Suite, Workflow, Web-conference, Chat, Powerful Search Engine, Extranet Space, Forum, Mobility...

CEO-Vision partner in 2019

On November 7, 2018, the 14 ambassadors of the Club Decision DSI unanimously approved the continuation of the partnership for 2019 with the French publisher CEO-Vision SAS.

The Collaborative DMS platform has once again been able to convince of its quality and relevance at a time when file servers and messaging are at the end of their rope, and where proprietary solutions (ex: Office365 / SharePoint) are exploding business and government budgets.

The 14 DSI ambassadors also appreciated the positioning of CEO-Vision and their economic model which is in line with the 2019 themes of the Club : Open Source, collaborative work, the alternative to GAFAM, etc.

Finally, the candidacy was strongly supported by the LNE (National Metrology and Testing Laboratory) of which the DSI is an ambassador and which has chosen to deploy the solution. 

Thus, for the 2nd year, CEO-Vision is one of the 38 partner members of 1of the 1st French Club of IT and Telecoms Decision Makers. The Club Decision DSI is a private and independent circle, made up of 1300 DSI members.

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