Archamps Technopole - Wed, March 25, 2015

How to stay closer to the requirements of companies and users? How to evolve without disruption of everything? How to imagine the digital business of tomorrow, today?

We have pleasure to participate in Documation-MIS 2015 to find answers to these questions.

This demonstration on collaborative organization version 2.0 allowed us to see the ever-increasing requirements of companies: Content is increasing exponentially and more and more dispersed, expectations quantified by the CEO of expected gains, difficulties in the face of Change Management and unique requirements of users and CIOs.

Also, we were reassured in the idea that GoFAST is the solution that stands out! Few platforms are born out of a real search for productivity and few publishers support the company in change management. This is paradox if we consider the rapid changes in technology and the requirements of users.

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