CEO-Vision joins Syntec Numérique and their 1,500 member companies at the beginning of July 2015! For more than 30 years, Syntec Numérique has been working to consolidate the digital ecosystem, which has made France one of the major countries in this sector. It develops useful actions to support industrial transformation through digital technology, the transformation of services and the development of uses that contribute to the transformation of society.

Welcomed by the General Delegate Laurent Baudart, the Development & Member Relations Delegate Nicolas Betz, as well as greeted by the President Guy Mamou-Mani, we are proud to become members of the organization which concretely supports French companies.

Beyond finding solutions to our issues, we hope to be able to bring all our experience to the other members and collaborate together of the organization which concretely supports French companies.





 Paris - Thursday July 2, 2015

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