In this newsletter :

  • Feedback : Digitalization of "Social Action" requests from the Occitanie region
  • Feedback : Haute-Savoie replaces Sharepoint and the file server with GoFAST
  • GoFAST Signature module in partnership with Yousign and Libriciel Pastell
  • GoFAST protects against Ransomware that affects cities (the file server among the main targets)
  • Feedback : Unified collaborative digital space of Noisy-le-Grand
  • The Mag It : The basic information on GoFAST, the DMS that turns into a "SecNumCloud" alternative to Office 365
  • WEBINAR Replay "Choosing the best sovereign Digital Workplace for more efficient Teleworking than with GAFAM!"

And more : GoFAST on BFM Business, next v4.0, Sovereign OVH Marketplace, Outscale SecNumCloud Hosting, Web-conferencing, Invoice Workflows, etc.

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