Teleworking is a form of work organization using digital technologies. We know the definition and we know, in fact, the "digital" nature of this new form of professional relationship.

For nearly 3 months, teleworking has become the norm for over a third of French employees. According to an Ipsos poll conducted in April 2020, 61% of French employees placed in teleworking were working remotely for the first time, compared with 38% of German employees and 37% of British employees. The development of remote work in France involves many challenges that organizations will have to find answers to quickly.

Teleworking has two sides of the same coin, namely a new source of positive contributions for both the company and the collaborator, at multiple levels, but also risks for the individual as well as for the company.

What are the existing and future challenges of this "relationship digitization"? What are the contributions and the limits? You will be able to see the essential elements during today and tomorrow debates.

The CEO-Vision team is pleased to participate in this teleworking congress which will be held on June 22, 2021. During this 100% Digital event, you will meet Olga Dernovaya, Marketing manager from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on the topic  "The tools of teleworking: relationship digitization". 

Speakers : 

Marketing Manager
@Web Island
Vincent DUPIN
Founder @IntoTheTribe
Representative of Lab RH
Thomas FAURE
President @Whaller
Representative of TECH IN France

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