On the occasion of the largest international exhibition in the digital field, CEO-Vision is going to CES in Las Vegas, to meet these players who, like our team, wish to contribute to innovation and build the world of tomorrow. .

Here is a preselection of a few conferences that seem to us to be among the most relevant, in connection with changes in our work habits, the development of startups and trends in the sector.

January 5 - 2022

CTA State of the Industry

Join CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and CES Executive Vice President Karen Chupka as they discuss the tech trends shaping our future, the innovation policy landscape, and how to get the most out of your CES 2022 experience.

CES 2022 Trends to Watch

Right before CES opens its doors, you can preview impactful trends, next big things and disruptive innovations that will redefine our industry in 2022. See how new technologies will occupy the landscape of consumer technology before you hit the show floor.

Investments in Startups: A Global Perspective

Governments are adopting different models and methods to develop a culture that supports innovative startups. Hear from a diverse group of leaders that are helping shape and implement policies as they seek to grow their economy and identify the next unicorn.

Investing in Innovation for All

Innovation isn't limited to the two coasts and major cities; innovation is flourishing all over. Hear from national, state, and local policy makers on how they’re creating entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Technologies Enabling the Hybrid Workplace

How can companies leverage technology to their advantage as they continue to adapt to remote and hybrid work?

January 6 - 2022

Privacy 3.0: What is Needed in an Evolving Digital Age?

Governments are moving to consider new privacy laws, which is easier said than done. Hear policymakers and industry discuss pitfalls to avoid when crafting privacy laws, how to protect consumer data, and giving businesses clear rules of the road.

Smart City CIO vs. Public Works: Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Maintaining physical infrastructure is a key function of government and represents huge opportunities for modernization and digitalization. As countries around the globe transition to the "new normal," governments are investing heavily in infrastructure modernization to jump start the economy. This session will examine opportunities to improve quality of life and responsive government with new, hybrid infrastructure.

The Future of Transportation is Driven by Tech

With the infusion of investment from the most significant government spending on infrastructure in decades on the horizon, we are poised on the brink of one of the largest transformations in our transportation system in history. The economic, safety and environmental benefits will be significant. Hear from those who are leading the charge into this new future.

January 7 - 2022

Tech and Government: How Are They Stopping the Next Cyber-attack?

Join CTA for a conversation on cybersecurity, and how businesses are adapting their products and services to combat current and emerging threats to protect consumers.

Small & Big: Is there Sufficient Competition in the Tech Industry?

Do large companies really discourage start-up innovation – or will small companies be collateral damage in the war on Big Tech?



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