Long-awaited by the GoFAST user community, Kanban (= post-it in Japanese) is coming to the Collaborative DMS platform! Thus the solution now includes an alternative to Trello, while improving security because all the data remains on GoFAST (OnPremise or SaaS / Colocation Sovereign).

From now on, in addition to task management as part of structured processes (Workflows), business managers will be able to work in "Agile" mode for the daily processing of their teams' tasks.

The development of the GoFAST "Kanban" is entirely based on user requests and therefore improved compared to other tools of this type:

  • Each Collaborative Space (Directions, Service, Project, Geographic Site ...) provides its "kanban" board , accessible by the space members, saving time in managing access (no need to recreate elements: I have access to a Space, so I have access to the management of this Space tasks)
  • Most of the tasks to be dealt with in an organization being linked to the working documents, it was important to be able to simply associate documents with the task, always without creating any duplicate or wrong version!
  • Each task has its participants, but also a clearly identified manager and a deadline, because without these two key elements, a task is often doomed to be forgotten
  • The "Todolist" of a task allows you to list each sub-task and also associate a specific deadline and a person in charge (unique feature compare other Kanban tools like Trello)
  • The notification system of the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform allows not to drown users, who as for actions on documents receive a "summary" but not an email each time

Collaborative management of Kanban-type tasks is available in GoFAST Enterprise & Community Edition!

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