Discover GoFAST Digital Workplace, innovative and efficient solution

GoFAST 'Essential': A simplified platform, ideal for getting started, focused on 'shared folders,' on PC and tablets. (video in French)
Digital Workplace and real DMS combined in one solution:

The GoFAST concept is unique and returns the Document to its central place in Collaboration, for greater simplicity and efficiency in everyday work.

Proven, sustainable, royalty-free technology:

Symbiosis of the best of Open Source, including Alfresco, Drupal, Bonitasoft, OnlyOffice, Element, Jitsi Meet, Solr Apache, etc. GoFAST is more than 7000 man-days of development on these Open Source bricks!

Unified workplace:

No more application library, information silos, version errors, duplicates, attachments... GoFAST allows you to really incorporate team work with all its tools just a click away.

Compliant with the legislative framework for the public sector:

The Prime Minister’s circular "Cloud au Centre -6282/SG" dated July 5, 2021, taken over by DINUM, requires Ministries to use an intergovernmental Cloud or SecNumCloud certified. The Cnil recommends that Higher Education and Research avoid "US collaborative solutions". GoFAST perfectly meets these requirements (including SecNumCloud at 3DS Otscale of Dassault Systèmes).

One of the most complete solutions on the market:

DMS, office co-editing, workflows and tasks, chats, web conferencing, forums and Wiki, powerful search engine

Replacement of both SharePoint and File Server:

GoFAST allows centralizing, sharing and managing all types of files, from the document template to the validation, and even the electronic signature.

Technological standards:

GoFAST benefits from the entire Alfresco ecosystem, facilitating its integration into the heart of customers' Information Systems (connecting with business applications, ERP, PC applications, websites and intranet portals, RMS, etc.)

Source of significant savings:

With extremely competitive rates, GoFAST saves up to €290,000 for 1,500 users over 3 years compared to the Office365 E1* offer. Thanks to productivity gains and its Collaborative Office Suite, GoFAST is a real source of savings. (*based on Microsoft 2022 prices, excluding classic messaging costs).

High quality services for its dedicated platform:

In sovereign SaaS or OnPremise, each customer has their own GoFAST, with a subscription that includes technology watch, security, application supervision, maintenance, all updates (including major ones), user support.

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To put an end to the file server bazaar and too many emails with a true turnkey Digital Wokplace, or check whether the GoFAST platform meets your specific project and the expectations of your business departments ...
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