CEO-Vision launches the first easy-to-use document version comparator, directly integrated into the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform.

Why do you need a version comparator?

It is now indisputable that effective collaborative work is a source of productivity and quality. More and more organizations are managing their documents cross-functionally. These new ways of working require a renewal of the tools, because it becomes impossible to ensure compliance with the processes and the validation of the correct versions of the documents by remaining on the file server and traditional messaging.

With the aim of making it easier to track changes, in addition to version management, workflows, activity feed and "activity summary" notifications, GoFAST now has a very easy-to-use version comparator .

1. Select the versions…

2. View the differences !

In "beta" version 3.6.0 of GoFAST, the version comparator is now more reliable and available with version 3.6.1 for all customers-users.


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