French Ministries are banned from using Office 365

DINUM (Direction Interministérielle du NUMérique/DIGITAL Interministerial Directorate) has just published the note «'Cloud au Centre' et offre Office 365 de Microsoft» which reminds that it is prohibited for Ministries to use or migrate to Cloud Office 365 offers because they do not comply with the circular “Cloud au Centre” 6282 / SG of July 5, 2021 issued by the Prime Minister.

DINUM points out that “The collaborative, office and messaging solutions offered to public officials are based on systems that handle sensitive data”. In this case, the used “Cloud” offers must be:

  • Interministerial Cloud Offer
  • Commercial Cloud Offer at SecNumCloud Level AND "immunity to non-EU regulations"

This last point is crucial, it directly excludes all SaaS offers submitted to CloudAct, that is to say any offer from an American company even with hosting in France.

Even if this measure only applies to goverment structures, there is a risk that such a measure will be extended to Local Authorities and other government bodies.

We remind that GoFAST Digital Workplace allows responding to these requirements by offering an OnPremise solution or Sovereign SecNumCloud hosting with 3DS Outscale.

In addition, GoFAST, combining the best of the Open Source (including Jitsi and Element / Tchap already chosen by the Government), allows to comply with the French Lemaire Act "for a Digital Republic", mentioned in the Assembly Report «Bâtir et promouvoir une souveraineté numériquenationale et européenne» / “Building and promotion of national and European digital sovereignty”

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