We are very pleased to announce the launch of GoFAST version 3.10.

A version that brings fixes, improvements, but also some new features, always based on user feedback !

In version 3.10, you will be able to discover the following features :

  • Evolution of the standard workflow: document preview, automatic creation of the PDF publication, validation and sequential signature and other ergonomic improvements
  • Workflow templates : create / edit process templates (participants, type of assignments, etc.) to launch a predetermined process in 2 clicks
  • New restrictions for confidential documents to prevent them from spreading outside the platform
  • New "GoFAST Essential" interface : for casual users, ...
  • Evolution of the optional module of signature via the electronic signing system (Pastell - Libriciel) : the ability to send documents for the signature through the standard workflow
  • New option to preview Office files via read-only OnlyOffice suite
  • Update to OnlyOffice 6.3 : new features and ergonomic changes
  • Jitsi webconference update

In case you missed it, check out the latest GoFAST webinar  >> Watch the WEBINAR

Release Note 3.10

[GoFAST Enterprise]
Notice for technical teams:

Do not hesitate to request support to plan the update (Helpdesk of CEO-Vision).


[GoFAST Community]
The update will be available directly through your GoFAST Community. For help, please post your questions in our forums.


Coming soon: you can discover the future GoFAST 4.0 major version in the forums HERE

Wishing you a successful use of GoFAST !



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