We are proud to announce the release of GoFAST version 3.7. A key version which provides a large number of new features and improvements, always based on user feedback !

Among the main developments in GoFAST v3.7:

  • Collaborative management of Kanban-type tasks [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • New Workflow Management Dashboard [Enterprise Edition],
  • Evolution of the Chat which now has Chat Rooms attached to Collaborative Spaces [Enterprise Edition],
  • Update of the Collaborative OnlyOffice Suite [Enterprise Edition],
  • New "strict" search option (in addition to the current search considered "extended" [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Possibility to save your searches, with quick access [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Directory tree model [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Authentication system SingleSignOn (SSO SAML) [Enterprise Edition],

And many other technical, ergonomic and functional improvements to discover in the Release Note and the  Online Documentation

The full Release-Note is available here:

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