GoFAST Community on AWS Marketplace

In late February, the CEO-Vision team was pleased to announce the availability of DMS GoFAST Community version  on the Amazon Marketplace!

The DMS Community version platform remains completely free and only AWS hosting costs are to be expected (a few cents/hour).

Who needs the DMS GoFAST Community on AWS and why?

Administrations, private companies or associations… all organizations will be able to experience and deploy GoFAST Community with ease.

  • You do not have your own servers or a hosting partner ?
  • You want to test the solution without putting workload on your internal hosting team ? 
  • You want to run GoFAST in any AWS datacenter in the world ?

Just choose your instance specifications (location, type of server) and get started in few clicks !

Don’t have any constraints to host your data on Amazon? After the testing phase, you can deploy the DMS platform in your organization by staying on the AWS infrastructure. Otherwise contact us for a French sovereign hosting.

AWS requirements…

It is not so easy to make GoFAST Community available on the Amazon Marketplace. It was necessary to study and meet the requirements of AWS in terms of technology, security, as well as documentation of the solution.

The GoFAST Community platform has been validated by Amazon on 20/02/2019 after several weeks of exchanges.

Do not hesitate to read 

Great ambitions for GoFAST Community …

Since the very birth of the company, we have always had great ambitions for the only relevant alternative, OnPremise and Open Source to SharePoint / Office365 on the market.

After our company won several major public sector customers in France, convinced by our professionalism we extended our operations in Belgium. With AWS availability, CEO-Vision prepares to extend this Community version to the American market and other English speaking regions of the world.

It is always complicated to introduce changes and support the digital transformation, but security issues, productivity gains and collaboration challenges are crucial today therefore we have to remain competitive and innovative. With AWS, at least the technical setup is easy and fast.Take on these challenges with an intelligent approach: test the GoFAST Community Collaborative on AWS !

Download GoFAST Community                          GoFAST Community or Enterprise ?


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