Don`t miss it, especially after the experience of the COVID crisis and constantly increasing remote work!

It is obvious today that we must respond to the requirement in order to collaborate better, no matter where we are. But collaborative work and teleworking are not limited to a webconference, or to traditional messaging with a VPN to its file server... to avoid burnout, too much information and maintain the cohesion of a team at distance, you need a solution that allows you "to incorporate collaborative work".

Thus, we are pleased to announce that the CEO-Vision team will once again be present at the Documation exhibition for 2022 edition which will take place on:

March 22, 23 and 24.

We invite you to join us at our stand B70 at Documation and Digital Workplace 2022 for exclusive demonstrations of GoFAST v4.0. A concept, based on the observation that the Document must be at the center of the Collaboration.


After collecting applications in panic at the height of the COVID crisis, how cam we move towards a unified, efficient and sovereign collaboration and remote work?

Faced with the urgency of the COVID crisis and forced teleworking, many companies and administrations have rushed to the best known solutions, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, adding VPN for messaging and file server access. After the emergency is over, a simple observation: too many tools, too much information, too many emails, too many web conferences, files scattered all over the place... in short, impossible to follow! How to give business units the tools necessary for collaborative work without getting "burn out"? What are solutions for teleworking while limiting the risk of data security?

Please confirm that this meets the prerequisites. Should we send you links/visuals or any other elements for the presentation of the workshop?

Workshop 23/03/2022 from 16h00 to 16h45


Don’t miss the opportunity, come and discover the brand new GoFAST4.0 version in pre-launch at the exhibition. Rich in useful features, GoFAST is always evolving in line with business requirements. Thus, the major version 4.0 was developed on the basis of numerous contributions and exchanges with users (workshops, community forums, support, etc.).

Among the developments to discover :

  • New web interface with optimized ergonomics and navigation for even faster access to all its documents, tasks and processes, calendar, chat rooms, forums and wiki, etc.
  • Very practical evolutions of the "Kanban" for an even simpler management of shared tasks.
  • New "business support" role to support business administrators in the management of collaborative spaces.
  • Space templates (with tree structure, template documents, predefined members, etc.).
  • Multi-location of folders/directories, for automatic cross-functional sharing of documents, both internally and with its extranet partners.
  • Improvement of the "activity summary" notification system, with simplified mass management of subscriptions to spaces, users and tags.

This is just an overview of many innovations of GoFAST v4.0! See you on 22 March 2022 at 14h00  at Exhibition. 

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