Info-Entreprise WebTV: teleworking on a sovereign Open Source Solution


Christopher Potter, President and Founder of CEO-Vision SAS, discusses the reasons why he became the software publisher and the challenges which organizations meet in the context of teleworking and more broadly, in the collaborative management of documents and business processes.



In a few words...

How was the CEO-Vision publisher born and what are the challenges behind the"GoFAST" Digital Workplace and Collaborative DMS concept ?

Today, too many French administrations are still working with GAFAM solutions, in particular SharePoint / Office365 / Teams. What to think of this observation ?

What are the good reasons to opt for the Open Source today ?

Why is the GoFAST platform an innovative alternative to GAFAM solutions? Data security / confidentiality is at the center of the debate ...

How does CEO-Vision deal with these key questions in a "Cloud Act" and "GDPR" context ?

What are CEO-Vision development directions for the future ?


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