Alternative to MS Teams, Open Source and extremely powerful, Collaborative Chat based on "Element" is available in the new GoFAST version 3.8.

Microsoft's Teams (replacing Skype for Business) is positioned more like a Slack, ultimately the "real-time" extension of ESN. CEO-Vision has been pointing out since 2010 that a work tool should be essentially "Document Centric" and not "Conversation Centric" for real gains (productivity, reduction of errors, savings...).

Our feedback on the deployments of Chat and ESN in large structures shows the scattering of exchanges across parallel "channels" and the lack of integration with the documentary part: comments left in one tool are not used in the other, problems of sharing and access to information (either too open or too closed), histories and versions of documents, notifications...

Nevertheless, the 2 types of tools can be complementary, so the whole question is: "How to integrate them to facilitate collaborative work, rather than disperse us?

Chat and Web-conference +Documents + Processes and Tasks + Sovereignty and Open Source = what are added values?


Integrating Element technology into the GoFAST Collaborative DMS platform brings real added value, compared to a Chat that would be parallel to document management.

A Chat tool "isolated" from the rest of the IS is often useful for reducing internal emails, but brings a significant risk of dispersal of information, or even a loss of productivity. Users often have to switch between the file server, messaging, web conferencing tools, Cloud storage… plus it is difficult to follow the discussions in a parallel Chat room.

The new GoFAST Chat offers the key advantages that allow incorporating the collaborative work rather than to "disperse" information:

  • No need to create a chat room in parallel and add members to it: because each GoFAST Collaborative Space (where documents, tasks, etc.) can have its own dedicated room, with the same members.
  • The first chat rooms are automatically created and attached to the Directions/Services of the organization, offering users a structured and clear work environment to get started.
  • Users only access the chat rooms of their Collaborative Spaces, which guarantees that they have the correct access rights.
  • It is easy to switch from a Chat room to documents, folders or shared tasks in your Collaborative Space.
  • In one click it is possible to launch a web conference from the Chat with an automatic message in the chat room.
  • Documents are shared securely in a chat room (clear list of members) and via URL links. Never add attachments to avoid duplicates and version errors.

With this new integrated Chat: "I know where I am, I know where my documents and tasks are, all the exchanges with my colleagues and finally, when I share content I know who has access to it".


It is certain that confidential information and documents can be shared on the group discussion tools. A weak point for all non-sovereign Cloud tools such as Slack and Teams.

Independence and digital sovereignty is a main issue if you want to secure and control your data, and avoid any intrusion by a foreign state. As a reminder, the Cloud Act passed in the spring of 2018 allows, under certain conditions and in the event of a suspected serious criminal act, the seizure and/or interception of data stored outside the United States by American law enforcement.

GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace (with all its Open Source "bricks") is offered either OnPremise (in the customer's IS), or in sovereign SaaS to meet data security requirements. Thus, all documents and exchanges remain on the customer's internal servers (if OnPremise) or on the servers of the sovereign hosting partner (Datacenter in France).

Unlike the Datacenters of GAFAM in France, in particular Microsoft for its Office365/SharePoint/Teams offer, this sovereignty of GoFAST makes it possible to protect its data from the Cloud Act.

In addition to the use of a dedicated server, end-to-end exchange encryption for the GoFAST web conference (integrated Jitsi meet technology) provides a very high level of security. An important and topical subject following the latest scandal around the Zoom solution (more information here).


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