CEO-Vision S.A.S is pleased to announce the release of version 3.5.0 of GoFAST Enterprise.

A key version in the history of CEO-Vision and the GoFAST community, as it comes with the long-awaited Community version for free download !

GoFAST Enterprise v3.5.0 includes:

  • always more security with a feature that allows you to configure the "partitioning" of users,
  • the ability of making private annotations and comments,
  • a GoFAST plugin in the OnlyOffice suite to save and version the document without leaving edit mode,
  • many improvements and bug fixes in the mobile version,
  • a new supervision (servers/processes) under Zabbix as part of the continuous improvement of CEO-Vision services,

and finally a large number of technical, ergonomic and functional fixes.

You can view the full list of improvements and fixes here: Release Note 3.5.0

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