On the occasion of the GITEX international exhibition, which was held from October 17 to 21 in Dubai, Mr. Christopher Potter, Founder and President of CEO-Vision, had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dominique Desaunay, journalist at Radio France internationale.

Very interested in the made-in-France Open Source alternative to Office365-SharePoint-Teams, namely GoFAST, Mr. Desaunay interviewed the President of CEO-Vision on the project carried out in the Malian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Posts (In French: AMRTP - l'Autorité Malienne de Régulation des Télécommunications et des Postes.).

GoFAST, selected following an international call for tenders, is now the collaborative Open Source document portal for AMRTP participants. In addition to confirming the interest of African countries in GoFAST, this project enabled CEO-Vision to develop a module dedicated to the simple and efficient digitized mail management. The project is carried out in close collaboration with users and partner Intelec3.

Thus, most African government participants are seeking to rapidly evolve their respective countries towards the digital world. Sovereignty has also become a fundamental trend in all the countries of the continent, motivated by the concern for the confidentiality of strategic data.

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