Axel Saint-Charles

GoFAST is comparable to public transport (Airbus A350, TGV) and the Office365 suite to a private car: solutions like Office365 or Google-Workspace equip users, while with GoFAST you equip collective processes.

The objective is to offer an integrated / unified collaborative digital space, which facilitates and secures our document management, while meeting multiple functional expectations. GoFAST therefore comes here as a complement to MS Office, but we can consider savings by using OnlyOffice for certain uses.

The other reason is the integrated management of multiple tools with GoFAST, rather than a juxtaposition of tools.

For now, it is not possible to kill email, because it is too institutionalized (government and social actors, operators, online shops, etc.), it serves as a receptacle for notifications from our applications and it still and above all characterizes the individual and mobile use. However, it is possible to reduce the size and duplication of files (avoid attachments in emails and duplicates in folders).

GoFAST is a solution that integrates, and even better, which offers visibility on the functional components that structure our documentary and office-collaborative activity.

Chief Information Officer @ City of Noisy-le-Grand


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