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Chief Information Officer @ City of Noisy-le-Grand


GoFAST is comparable to public transport (Airbus A350, TGV) and the Office365 suite to a private car: solutions like Office365 or Google-Workspace equip users, while with GoFAST you equip collective processes.

The objective is to offer an integrated / unified collaborative digital space, which facilitates and secures our document management, while meeting multiple functional expectations. GoFAST therefore comes here as a complement to MS Office, but we can consider savings by using OnlyOffice for certain uses.

The other reason is the integrated management of multiple tools with GoFAST, rather than a juxtaposition of tools.

For now, it is not possible to kill email, because it is too institutionalized (government and social actors, operators, online shops, etc.), it serves as a receptacle for notifications from our applications and it still and above all characterizes the individual and mobile use. However, it is possible to reduce the size and duplication of files (avoid attachments in emails and duplicates in folders).

GoFAST is a solution that integrates, and even better, which offers visibility on the functional components that structure our documentary and office-collaborative activity.

Project Manager, Innovation in Information Systems and Digital Uses@Department of Haute-Savoie (74)

Thanks to the GoFAST solution, we spend much less time drafting documents and this greatly simplifies interaction and collaborative work.

CEO-Vision trained some of the users, and then we took over. Workshops were also held on predefined topics, such as workflows for example, to understand business requirements.

We see significant time and volume savings. We use less storage space, especially on mail.

Around 100 employees are currently testing the solution, with a target of 400 people at the beginning of 2021. Within two years, there could thus be 3,000 of us using GoFAST.

Philippe Holtzscherer

Director and Founder
@ Cabinet CREACT'UP, Audit-Consulting-Training

We increasingly use the GoFast solution with great satisfaction. We have all been telecommuting since mid-March 2020 and we do not meet any difficulty.

As with any change, the adoption of GoFAST required everyone to change their habits, but quickly the use of the platform - very reliable - won the support of all.

The performance of GoFAST means that we use it a little more each month and we will be sure to promote its use in our network.

It is now in a period of lockdown, that we realize the importance of this in maintaining our processes even in this new "all-remote" organization.


IT engineer
@ LNE, National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (France)

CEO-Vision has been able to combine some of the best Open Source bricks and thus provide the GoFAST platform. This solution, combined with the efficiency and sense of service of its teams, allows us to tackle one of the aspects of digital transformation with confidence.

The GoFAST Digital Workplace allows us to manage our quality documentation while respecting internal processes. Beyond our own certification, the tool also allows us to optimize part of our customer certification process.

Knowing and defining your processes is a key first phase, but today it is essential to offer agents the tools capable of dematerializing our processes, in order to guarantee compliance with the creation of a document from a template, up to validation and final publication.

Director of Information Systems and Digital Uses
@ Region Occitan

From a documentary standpoint, the solution notably replaces file servers. With these, in addition to the difficulty of setting up access rights, the information duplication rate was 4 or 5, or even more. Document trees were multiplying and document versioning was impossible. There was a wealth of information, but an overall loss of knowledge. The highly integrated approach proposed by CEO-Vision has seduced us, as the result of commitment to these open source tools. Once the information is intended to be capitalized and shared, or is confidential, the use of GoFAST is required.

Reaping the full benefit of collaborative EDM primarily involves changing work practices. It takes time, energy and resources.

It takes time to think about how work is organized, how to share information and how to collaborate. Having a "human-size provider" has enabled us to benefit from strong listening skills from him. This is a guarantee of success.

Eventually, the solution should also facilitate the sharing of documents from business applications. These increasingly embed on EDM features, for supporting documents for example. We will develop connections between GoFast and these applications, rather than using their own EDM systems.


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