Customer Feedback: Digitization of documentary processes at Botanic

"This is a real time saver for the store and accounting teams, 
who process documents upon receipt, whether they work remotely or on-site." 
Mr. Eric Bouchet, CEO of the Botanic Group.

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Requirements related to the efficiency of document management
" To meet regulatory obligations, we needed to archive, process and renew thousands of documents, which is very time-consuming for our teams. Therefore, we wanted to simplify these processes. However, we didn't just want a DMS solution, but a functional, business-oriented office tool that can be adapted to our retail outlet and to the different digital maturity of our collaborators."
Objectives of the project "Improvement of documentary processes"
  • Having a sovereign digital workplace for the group of  2,000 collaborators
  • Facilitating the management of 5,000 monthly paper documents
  • Improving the information flow thanks to an automated workflow
  • Replacing the existing DMS tool with a flexible solution
The benefits of the Collaborative DMS platform
  • Reduction of paper document exchanges
  • Company processes are now structured
  • Time saving for business processes
  • Traceability in the circulation of information and documents 
An indispensable tool during remote work...

"The news feed and workflow-driven notifications facilitate the constant flow of information, which is essential with the massive development of teleworking."

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