"GoFAST allows us to improve efficiency and reliability thanks to the traceability offered by the platform. The research is very comprehensive and saves a lot of time for our teams."
Catherine Giraud, Head of the Processes, Methods and Tools Department within AIFE.

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Agency for State Financial Information (In French: AIFE- Agence pour l’Informatique Financière de l’État).

The AIFE, attached to the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, is responsible for creation, implementation and maintenance of CHORUS Pro (electronic invoicing solution dedicated to the public sector) and contributes to the modernization and performance of the financial function of the government.

Need for a complete and ergonomic DMS platform

DMS is a central tool for the Processes, Methods and Tools Department, used for all projects (conception, maintenance and support around Chorus Pro). The solution initially was approved by users. In 2016, the AIFE therefore decided to research the market in order to deploy a new DMS, more complete and faster to learn and use.

Objective: process and traceability

GoFAST has enabled AIFE to optimize the workflows for managing changes in CHORUS documentation, in particular for the expression of needs, corrections, validation and publication. Each step, comment, document modification, processing time, etc. are tracked and can be controlled through the audit trail.

Objective: simple and efficient document management

In terms of documentation management, the AIFE has become more efficient, because the platform avoids creating duplicates thanks to the multi-location (the same file shared in various workspaces, internal and extranets) and everyone has the same level of information, with access to all versions of a document.

Objective: collaboration with external partners

GoFAST collaborative DMS allows AIFE to easily share documents with external providers in a single platform, to track various modifications and processing steps. No more version errors, duplicates, or insecure practices that were linked to email attachment exchanges.

Objective: to quickly find information

The search function offered by the GoFAST DMS and Digital Workplace is very complete (full-text indexing, numerous filters and relevance-based results) and ensures considerable time savings for AIFE teams.

GoFAST is part of the Cloud Plan initiated by the Government
  • 100% sovereign, not subject to extraterritorial laws, including the "Cloud Act"
  • Open Source with open standards: sustainability, reversibility, source code audit and free of rights
  • Hosted in dedicated SaaS or OnPremise to always know where your data is, available in SecNumCloud at 3DS Outscale from Dassault Systèmes
Proximity and strong responsiveness of the CEO-Vision software publisher

"We are delighted with the support provided by the CEO-Vision teams. They are proactive and very responsive. They adapt perfectly to our requests," says Catherine Giraud. Currently hosted internally (OnPremise), AIFE has started a project to migrate GoFAST from Onpremise to SaaS SecNumCloud since the summer of 2021.

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Discover GoFAST with one of our project managers!

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