We are proud to announce the launch of GoFAST version 3.6. A key version that brings a lot of new features and improvements, always based on user feedback !

In GoFAST v3.6 you can benefit from : 

  • The major update of the BonitaSoft 7 Workflows engine with major changes in ergonomics, features, history, notifications, as well as better performance and new connectors and APIs [Enterprise Edition],
  • User Lists for the mass and automatic management of access to Collaborative Spaces [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Comparison of versions to visualize the differences between 2 versions of a document [Beta] [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Synchronization of information relating to a Collaborative Space with navigation in the tree structure in GoFAST File Browser [Enterprise & Community Edition],
  • Functional extensions on GoFAST mobile [Enterprise & Community Edition],

And many other technical, ergonomic and functional improvements to discover in the Release Note and the Online Documentation.

You can read the full Release-Note here :

Release Note 3.6

[GoFAST Enterprise]
Message to IT teams :

Do not hesitate to ask for support to plan the update  (helpdesk[at]


[GoFAST Community]
Message to IT teams :

To find help, read the online documentation and ask questions on our forums.

Wishing you a good use of GoFAST !


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