Archamps - January 15, 2018

The recently discovered Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities allow to exploit the weak points of certain processors, in particular of the Intel brand. This introduces a global and unprecedented security risk on this scale, because these flaws are linked to the very design of the CPUs (hardware level).

Always attentive to security monitoring, CEO-Vision doubled its attention as soon as the flaws were discovered.

After exhaustive testing for a week, CEO-Vision applies a series of security fixes in the GoFAST version v3.1.1. For example, our tests involved benchmarks to measure performance impacts related to fixes for the lowest layers of the operating system.

Upon successful completion of these tests, GoFAST updates were applied for all customer-users, including those hosted OnPremise (as part of the GoFAST subscription).

CEO-Vision puts safety at the heart of its concerns. Our monitoring and expertise in this area is part of the added value of the annual GoFAST subscription, guaranteeing that all components are up to date while ensuring the stability of the solution (not introducing regressions).


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